Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

Different hair transplant techniques have been regularly used in Turkey. However, the Sapphire FUE (Follicular Unite Transplantation) technique is the latest in the world of hair transplantation. Sapphire is very valuable when considered a gemstone. In hairdressing, the sapphire used on the end of the tool is obtained from real sapphires.

What Exactly Is
Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation ?

During the process, when hair transplantation grooving is performed, it is best to use specially produced sapphire tips instead of metal elites. The FUE method uses a sapphire tip, which is not a separate method but a new type of innovation covered by sapphires. It is also an application developed to minimise the formation of scabs and the area’s recovery process. In addition, it helps to keep the ducts into which the hair roots will be transferred to a minimum level compared to the usual area to be planted. Thanks to this application, all the signs and possibilities experienced after the hair transplantation process have been completely minimised, which is why it has become the most preferred application.

Using the sapphire method, the procedure starts with local anaesthesia of the donor area, i.e., the area at the back and sides of the head between the two ears, followed by the individual extraction of the follicular units and the surrounding microscopic tissue using special tools adapted to the thickness of the hair (0.6 to 0.9 mm). It is done without pain, cutting, and scarring or suturing. After extraction, the channelling phase begins depending on the number of follicular units extracted. Then the extracted follicular units are placed one by one in the recipient’s hairless area.
A successful result is only possible with a hair transplant procedure if the appearance is as natural as possible. This natural appearance can only be achieved by the implantation angle, thickness/density, and growth angle of the implanted hair. Based on these details, the use of the sapphire tool is exceptional detail to achieve the highest efficiency. Another advantage that sapphire tools have brought to hair transplantation is the minimal angle of the cannulation phase, which allows the largest number of grafts to be implanted. Therefore, the chances of success are quite high in achieving the thickest appearance.

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